Thursday, December 16, 2010

tendaberry album cover

These are mock ups of possible album covers. I still have more editing to do...... choose your own adventure. Big ups to my awesome model (amber) and amazing make up artist (kristen)!


  1. Photographically (b/c I dont really know about graphic design) I like the 2nd one best. The shadow on the wall and the drums intensify her pose but the artist name is not as strong. The bottom is my second pick, the thigh on the left is just too hot, especially when compared to her face.
    These are awesome(as is all your work here) I've always been impressed by what you do with people and at shows.
    Dang, I need to update my blog.

  2. I like the second one the best too, and the stick doesn't block her face. but the everyone else prefers the third and last one. I will admit the last one is my least favorite. its really too static for a drumming scene. Thanks for the input! And i understand the troubles of updating when you are doing a lot of film. film just isn't built for the internet.