Monday, November 22, 2010

An Open Letter to my 35mm

oh you, Minolta maxxum 7000 35mm, a classic slr camera. you were at the height of technology 25 years ago. and you are still known for your soft and dreamy images. Sony tried to woo you away from me, dangled a carrot of $200 off their digital slr if only I gave you up. But, I'm no sell out. like a teenager's beloved first car; I will ride you until the wheels fall off. Until your shutter closes too slowly and your flash unit no longer communicates with your body. Until your batteries corrode within your housing. until you become completely unreliable... and when no one in the first world develops film anymore......even then I will still keep you safely tucked away on my bookshelf. Keep you there as a reminder of when your entire photographic process wasn't whittled down to an iphone app.


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